A Must Read for Every Entrepreneur

This document has made it way around a bit by now. I originally found it through a HN posting sometime early last year. Nevertheless, this document contains crucial information for any entrepreneur. Even if you are familiar with most of the elements within, the verbiage is simple and to-the-point… worth a read.. or re-read.

Merry Christmas to all

I created this animated Merry Christmas app, being so close to the big event and all!

Check it out:

Merry Christmas App

.. to you too 🙂

Simulating the Human Brain with Supercomputers

A fascinating article on IBM’s successes in simulating the human brain using supercomputers is worth reading: The Brain in the Machine: I.B.M’s Compass : The New Yorker

I looked into the Blue Brain Project after catching its mentioning in the above article.

Here is a fascinating video that describes the Blue Brain Project (about 4 minutes long):

The Human Connectome Project is also worth checking out.

My startup is called Kimerick, which encompasses neural network discovery processes, like the processes used in the Blue Brain and Human Connectome projects – maybe that is why all of this is very fascinating to me!Kimerick

Saturday evening project in preparation for Saturday night coding

Sketchiest setup ever.

But my AirPort is completely dead at the moment (AirPort is essentially the wifi internet receiver, for non-Apple users). Needed about 40 ft. of LAN to reach down to the router on the 2nd Floor and only have two 25 ft. old cables that I wasn’t even sure would work (as I found them in an old box full of misfit cables in a random closet). To top it off, I only have scissors on me.

There was even more risk on this project with the house management being sticklers on everything.

But, after about an hour of tedious wire splicing and crossing (again, with scissors), fortunately, at least in this case, the work paid off!

Kimerick — A New Vision for AI Trading

This blog post relates to my startup that I have been growing over the past six months. Essentially, my startup in a neural network-based Artificially Intelligent trading bot.

Kimerick in the News

Today was the first time that Kimerick was covered by an official news source. It’s an interesting interview-style article, titled “Kimerick — A New Vision for AI Trading.”

The direct link to the article can be found at this link.

And, if you are interested in more info about my startup, feel free to check out the Kimerick.com PitchDeck.

Server in a File Cabinet – An Experimental Project

This project only took about two or three hours of real labor (not counting the few hours of time I spent contemplating how I was going to execute the idea).

three computers inside cabinet

three computers inside cabinet - zoomed (notice separators are pieces cut from Valentine's chocolates box)

the metal I removed from the cabinet to allow CPUs to fit

the workspace