YouTube has 3D Option for Select Videos – I never knew…

First time I have seen this was today (while checking out the AngelHack Hackathon site).

YouTube has 3D option

Usually, I do not see this feature while watching videos at–pretty neat!


Update 1: When I when back and refreshed the ‘3D’ option went missing… I am not sure if this was because YouTube is only randomly (and selectively) offering the feature to 3D-compatible videos… or, if it was because I had too many additional apps (using memory) the second time I went back (after I refreshed the page). Supposedly, the latter is the more likely.

YouTube no 3D option

Update 2: Revisiting today (5-4-13), I toggled the video resolution to 1080p HD. Only after this, the ‘3D’ option would then appear. Apparently, you must put the embedded player into an 1080p HD mode (by clicking the ‘gear’ icon in the lower-right). Possibly, the 3D icon/option becomes visible when the embedded player is in any HD setting, e.g. 720p.



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