Two of the Best Web Apps I’ve Ever Seen — leveraging HTML5 and JS


Two of my all-time favorite interactive (and most user-friendly) web apps were discovered both this week…


First honors (but just barely) would have to go to thedevs behind Using only JavaScript and HTML5, they have taken the growing physics-driven web apps to an entirely new level. As one article puts it,

“…the company’s HTML5 development platform that incorporates a fully featured physics engine into its revolutionary surface rendering engine. And all of it is pure HTML5 and JavaScript. No plugins. No third-party libraries. Just unbreakable 60 frames per second animation of hundreds of 3D surfaces with physics. And allows an app to do all of these things with the content itself. In developer-speak, these are manipulations of objects in the DOM (document object model), the core method of representing content on the web.” peek 1 Peek 1 peek 2 Peek 2









In a close finish for second-place, a web app which shares information in a way that is not only interactive and fun, but also very design-savvy.


Vienna, Austria:

A story about Vienna

Interactive Vienna Website Preview