Autism and Quantum Computing

A thought just occurred to me.

Matter-of-factly, Autism research has shown distributed brain activity with far more diffusion in the MRI scans of patients with autism than those without.

Does the potential power of the record autistic brain activity pattern (while performing computations of high-complexity) have its counterpart in quantum computing? In which, quantum computing equates to autistic brain diffusion, compared with current processing complexity maximums (whether it be in the most efficient A.I./ANN classifier, sFFT algos, or distributed computing algos) being equivalent to average human brain diffusion (again, while performing computations of high-complexity).

I am making no attempt to discern any difference above in the autistic brains of the highly-functional and the not highly-functional. Instead, I am assimilating the high-complexity computing power of autistic brains that can function to output results at a processing power that is nearly-infinitely more efficient than the average human brain.


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