Simulating the Human Brain with Supercomputers

A fascinating article on IBM’s successes in simulating the human brain using supercomputers is worth reading: The Brain in the Machine: I.B.M’s Compass : The New Yorker

I looked into the Blue Brain Project after catching its mentioning in the above article.

Here is a fascinating video that describes the Blue Brain Project (about 4 minutes long):

The Human Connectome Project is also worth checking out.

My startup is called Kimerick, which encompasses neural network discovery processes, like the processes used in the Blue Brain and Human Connectome projects – maybe that is why all of this is very fascinating to me!Kimerick


Powerful Quote by James Weldon Johnson

New York City is the most fatally fascinating thing in America. She sits like a great witch at the gate of the country, showing her alluring white face, and hiding her crooked hands and feet under the folds of her wide garments,––constantly enticing thousands from far within, and tempting those who come from across the seas to go no farther. And all these become the victims of her caprice. Some she at once crushes beneath her cruel feet; others she condemns to a fate like that of galley slaves; a few she favors and fondles, riding them high on the bubbles of fortune; then with a sudden breath she blows the bubbles out and laughs mockingly as she watches them fall.


The exciting story of New York coming into its own is a tale that has fascinated me, throughout my life (view my personal NY photographs, in both life and land galleries).

Recently, while watching a YouTube documentary on the subject of New York, a powerful quote by James Weldon Johnson shook me, watch:

(video starts with quote, at 3m 17s into documentary)