Server in a File Cabinet – An Experimental Project

This project only took about two or three hours of real labor (not counting the few hours of time I spent contemplating how I was going to execute the idea).

three computers inside cabinet

three computers inside cabinet - zoomed (notice separators are pieces cut from Valentine's chocolates box)

the metal I removed from the cabinet to allow CPUs to fit

the workspace

Google Chrome Bug in the Bookmarks Bar

Hey Google Chrome Devs, wouldjamind fixing the bug in the bookmarks bar?

It’s been biting me for a while now.

Story is, I refer to, sort, and add bookmarks religiously in order to categorize/organize my [mostly very] important web-based resources. To give you an idea, I keep my exported bookmarks file saved in many backup locations (in case they ever fall off my Chrome browser; get deleted somehow) and I update these backups at least monthly.

The problem I am having with the bookmarks bar is that it’s nearly impossible to consistently move around/organize folders and bookmarks (using drag and drop).

The screenshots below tell it all:

The drag and drop bug is present in the bookmark manager as well. The issue is the same but occurs with less frequency – so I am able to accomplish the action after some trial and error (whereas with the bookmarks bar the issue cannot be circumnavigated).