Disassembling my HTC EVO 4G Android Phone


present participle of dis·as·sem·ble (Verb)

1. Take (something) to pieces.

When my HTC Evo started (Android OS) starting bugging out on me last week I decided to contact my phone insurance company to make a claim. To clarify, my original HTC Evo had treated me quite well. It was the multi-touchscreen that started failing on me first (maybe a couple-to-many drops?), which caused the UI to constantly misinterpret touch gestures. To give you a basic idea, apps were being opened that I had never touched and even calls were executing on their own from my call log.

When my new phone arrived, the documentation provided in the box from my insurer stated that I was not required to return the original (per the nature of the claim). “Great,” I thought to myself. A chance to do something fun with the original Evo!

So I began taking the phone apart to get a better glimpse at the guts. To see the phone’s specs click here.

Step 1 was simple enough. I removed the phone’s rear case, battery, and memory card:

(click to enlarge)

Step 2 entailed removing six tiny T5 Torx screws that hold the internal frame to the rest of the phone:

(click to enlarge)

In Step 3, I removed the Dual LED Flash from the internal frame:

(click to enlarge)

Step 4 was as far as I decided to go – detaching a side button and the logic board from the rest of the unit:

(click to enlarge)

And here it all is:

(click to enlarge)

I will keep the hardware for replacements (for my new Evo) or I may try to use some of the remaining components (i.e., the 8+ megapixel camera) to start a new project with – I have yet to decide.

Nevertheless, it was a fun project and now the question I am asking myself is…

(click to enlarge)

what should I hack open next?

Reddit Chalked at Berkeley

I’ve seen several occurances of this all over campus this week (and it’s the start of fall semester). The pics below are from Evans hall, but I’ve also seen the chalking: “reddit.com/r/berkeley,” all around the sidewalks of Soda and Etcheverry Halls.

Clever exposure.

I wonder what the stats were for unique visitors over the last week (compared to previous week) for reddit.com/r/berkeley, as well as the number of click-thrus to main reddit.com. Also, a data point pertaining to the number of new user accounts created would be interesting to know too.