Sandbox Suites – My New Office Space Downtown SF

There is hardly anything I can find wrong about this place. It is located at 567 Sutter St. in Downtown SF.It’s got everything needed to run a [startup] business: monitors, printers, meeting rooms, conference room, kitchen, bathroom with shower, free coffee and tea, 24/7 access.. the list goes on and on.


P.S. There’s no referral value implicit to this posting, whereas for airBnB – I will tell you, “you should join.


Take a look:






My WeekendWorkstation While the Parents were Gone

I traveled up to the Northwest to visit my hometown this weekend and found my parents had left to Bend, OR. After a couple days of dealing without a suitable workspace (and the place to myself) I came up with:

Got it put away about an hour before they returned.

Found a good jQuery Hack today

although the documentation could be better.

It works really well if you want to make popups (image gallery & slideshow-capable).

Textbox ex:

YouTube for the tutorial.

and by now you have zoomed in to see that we are in slideshow mode:

Resources/Code at: Thickbox

Hollywood Shadow Games – A scene from Jerry McGuire

This was the little kid who made Jerry grow a conscious and write the memo (that soon after gets him fired from his sports agency). As pivotal as this plot element was, I always assumed the kid was giving Jerry more than the “up yours” finger.

I was wrong.

What does the buyout of GoDaddy mean for customers?

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