Future by Design

Leonardo da Vinci’s genius led to an unparalleled portfolio of futuristic designs…

So did Jacque Fresco’s:

In application today:

We live in a world that lags implementation of futuristic innovations. We are constantly aiming to keep up with ourselves. What is new today, is no longer new tomorrow. The lag is okay  as long as results do appear in the real world (i.e., research leads to investment and investment leads to tangible/useful application) – because it is a model, while not perfect, in which we are living in, let’s dream bigger and further as to speed up the process.

Moore’s Law (or better yet: Ray Kurzweil’s Statistical Analysis of Technological Growth) tells us that exponential growth is very likely to continue.

Exploring our solar system and beyond is great. Now let’s put ourselves in our future great-great-grandchildren’s shoes. What will they need up there?

Now run with that idea.

If you get it right, it may be our grandchildren (and not our great-great…) who will reap the benefits.